Folio and Beyond

You've relied on Folio/LivePublish technology for years. It's taken you where you need to be today. But what about tomorrow? As e-businesses move to the Web, how will you fare against your competition?

Imagine a technology platform with all the benefits of Folio coupled with all the strengths of the Internet and/or LivePublish. A platform that lets you search and navigate gigabytes of data, categorize disparate content, and gain secure access to information, regardless of where it resides - all from your Web browser. You share content across connected servers with partners, suppliers, customers and employees to form an e-business Content Network. And it all happens in real time.

Find out now about the FAST Search & Transfer® NXT™ 4 e-Content Platform. And discover how it can change the way you manage, access and exchange your business-critical content.

For more information on migrating to NXT 4, please contact the PTI Sales Office at (314) 291-9845 or at Sales@pt-i.com.