Developing document collections involves organizing, updating, and maintaining very large collections of mission critical information. PTI realizes that document collections must be customized to client specifications to meet the unique needs of the client organization. We ensure the highest quality development for our clients by using Certified Infobase Engineers (CIE) and Web developers with expertise in developing, building, and designing very powerful solutions.


The First Step

Performance Technologies, Inc. will come into a potential client's facility and present the competitive advantage your organization will receive with the solutions that you prefer. We will show you how your solution will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization and cut costs at the same time. Our presentations deliver more than just a brief explanation of the product line. They let you see the technology hands-on and what it will do for your organization. This gives us the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with your information applications and organization; and provides you the opportunity to meet us and view our work.


Meeting Client Needs

Design meetings are the key to a well planned infobase or document collection. These meetings help us analyze client requirements and reference information. With this information, we are able to develop standards for the look, feel, and functionality of your infobase(s) or document collections. This also assists us in planning any specialty programming or custom development work needed to complete your infobase(s) or document collections.


We then write a proposal describing the work to be done in detail and associated costs based on client needs and requirements. 


You have a problem….we have the products……There is a solution!!!!