The Problem 

Whether you're a professional publisher, a corporate executive, or involved in Information Technology, you have seen the information delivery landscape change before your very eyes. Your users, subscribers, employees, etc. have come to expect information to be served to them quickly and accurately. They don't want to thumb through volumes of printed material to get the answer they are looking for. They want to type a few words and have it appear, instantly.

Spoiled? Maybe, but if you do not provide your users with the information that they need quickly and easily, they are not as efficient as they have to be. Low efficiency equals high costs and lost opportunities.

There is a solution!

 The Solution 

Performance Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to aiding publishers, corporations, associations and Information Systems teams in using and delivering their important information more quickly and efficiently. We specialize in converting printed materials to electronic format for distribution via CD-ROM or the Intranet/Internet.

We use the proven technology of the Folio search engine and the Folio Family of products to deliver information to the desktop using client/server systems. We use NXT4 Content Networks to distribute information via the Internet or Intranet.



Click here for important news regarding the availability of new updates and licenses for the Folio Family and NXT4.

PTI has added new services to enhance your software experience.

Custom software installation scripts are available for the Windows operating systems. Available features include a context sensitive autorun menu as well as Full, Compact, and Network install types.

Performance Technologies, Inc. has been able to restore functionality to legacy infobase material using a variety of methods including the extraction of lost passwords. If you are having trouble with legacy content, PTI may have the solution.